The kitchen pantry is essential for keeping my countertops at least relatively clutter-free, and regardless of how large mine is, I could always need a bit extra. So what if I did not need more room in the pantry but rather some better organizing and storage options? I am here to inform you that it is most likely the latter, which is great news since it means my pantry (and existence) will be a lot more efficient and ordered. Not to add that our treats will appear considerably more enticing, and we will almost certainly never buy spices in twos again.

Invest in Straw Bins

Straw bins and baskets are popular in playhouses, workplaces, and closets across the country, but they also have a home in our pantry. I arrange canned items by category and get them without lifting a lid. Alternatively, I use them as a catch-all for towels and tablecloths.

Convert Shelves to Drawers

Pull-out drawers allow me to stuff my cupboard full of food without worrying about losing my spaghetti sauce in the back corner where I cannot access it. For more consistent storage, I organize my cabinets by item type.

Plastic Containers Can Be Stack

Horizontal containers stack effortlessly in a pantry, making the most of every inch of space. I keep cereals, breadcrumbs, rice, and nuts in them.

Install a Pegboard

Rather than piling large pots and pans on top of one another, I hang a pegboard on an empty wall. My heavy-duty goods are suddenly visible and accessible.
Recycle Crates
A wood box is all you need to dress up some open shelves and cover some unattractive basics. Because items placed here are more difficult to get, I keep items that I do not use every day, such as reusable bags.

Place Drawer Separators in the Drawers

I bought drawer organizers to keep all my jars, cans, and other pantry things from spilling over in their appropriate drawers.

Set Aside A Space For A Market Cart

I set up a spot for my market basket and filled it with additional bags to always be prepared to go to the farmer's market.

Make Use Of A Library Ladder.

I stretch cabinets to the top of the wall since I have a lot of vertical space. A high library ladder provides some flair while also allowing me to access the stuff stored at the top of the shelves.

Cabinets That Pull Out

How can I get to the food that always seems to be pushed to the rear end of the pantry? By detaching the sides and converting them into drawers, I take the example of IKEA hackers and add drawers to improve my cabinets.

Walls Must Be Concealed

There are not always sufficient hours in the day to sort all of my snacks into organized boxes and containers. But it does not mean I cannot put them away out of sight. I hide pantry things inside cabinet doors and then wallpaper to dress up the room.

Everything Should Be Labelled

I keep things simple by utilizing jars with leak-proof covers and labelling them so I know what I want. I stack things on top of it without fear of their falling over the next time I go for something—and they do not spill.

Cabinetry With Two Doors

Having large, deep cabinets is usually a plus in a storage area, but little objects might become misplaced. These inserts address this issue. I ensure I am utilizing the inside of my pantry door if I cannot afford them right now.

Set Aside A Section Of Your Wall For Cookbooks

This is the solution for me because I have an eternal collection of cookbooks but nowhere to keep them in a logical order. By building three narrow shelves to place cookbooks on, I could dedicate a whole wall to them.

Invest in a Floating Cabinet

I conceal a floating storage cupboard with a colored door if I want to store my spices somewhere convenient to reach while preparing food and also want to conceal them. It is hard to tell it is something other than interior decorations when it is closed. It is as basic as painting or wallpapering over the cabinet door.

Modular Shelving Is A Good Option

I split a huge kitchen into 2 rooms: the original kitchen and the catering kitchen. Bulky appliances and foodstuff and tableware are stashed away, and grab-and-go goods are propped up on the open shelf for ease.


For any home cook, having a well-organized pantry is a game-changer. It is all too simple for the pantry for becoming an out-of-sight, out-of-mind dumping ground for half-empty containers, extra plastic bags, and other unneeded junk. It is necessary to designate a distinct area to store all of your tinned food, baking materials, and specialty kitchen gadgets, whether you have a little corner or an entire restaurant closet at your hands. Use these pantry organizing ideas to motivate you to clean up your cabinets so that preparing weekday dinners, putting goods away, and organizing snacks for school meals is as simple as opening the door.