Sharjah is marked as the third most populous city, Dubai being marked first and Abu Dhabi second. Sharjah, the capital of the emirate Sharjah and forms a part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan. UNESCO has given the title Cultural Capital of the Arab to Sharjah, all thanks to the emirates for preserving the area's history. For art lovers, Sharjah is the place to visit and live.
After doing their research, if an individual is interested in living in Sharjah, they should consider finding the best location suitable for them and their needs.

Property Search

One can find a property to reside in through the local Sharjah newspaper and magazines. The real estate agent is usually the best option for real estate guidance, and if not, private property websites come in handy. One can even find properties rented directly from the owner.

Rate of Rent

The property's location, size, and the amenities it comes with usually decide the property's rent. Tenants are allowed to pay according to the agreement with the agent, whether one payment or through multiple payments. The payment method has to be decided with consent and the presence of the buyer and seller.
The agent may require a commission fee. The agent's commission fees are up to 5 percent of the tenant's total rent being paid.

Identification documents

To be on the safe side of the deal, a lease contract with the landlord, the broker, and the tenant should consist of identification documents. The identification documents should include a copy of the tenant's passport, a valid residence visa, and an Emirates ID. In addition, the tenant should also have post-dated cheques that cover payments for the lease period the tenant and landlord have agreed.

Lease Agreement Registration

The lease agreement between the landlord and tenants is supposed to be registered by the respective authority in Sharjah. The lease contract registration is a must; this is to connect the utility services required for the rented property. The utilities include water, electricity, gas, and telecommunication services. In Sharjah, the lease contracts are registered with Sharjah Municipality.

Dispute In Rent

If disagreements arise on rent between the landlord and the tenant, one should contact the Rental Dispute section of Sharjah Municipality.

What Should The Lease Include

The lease should include information for all tenants, including the names and contact information of all the individuals that live in the rental property. The residential lease should include the type of tenancy term one chooses. The residential lease can be a month-to-month renting.  It can be in periods of 3 to 6 months or, yearly, a fixed-term lease.  The other type is a lease that can renew without a new contract until the tenant or landlord gives a written notice to end the contract.
The lease is also supposed to include rental occupancy limits, rent amount and frequency, deposits and fees, pet policy, restrictions on disruptive activity, repairs, and maintenance, tenant insurance policy, and other restrictions.

Fair Housing Laws

Rental properties have been designed such that a specific number of people can reside in them. Usually, two people can reside per room. One should keep in mind that the occupancy limits are to be kept such that it follows the fair housing laws so family's with children shouldn't be denied if a room for them can be accommodated.

Rent Frequency

The residential lease should include the amount of rent the tenant is to pay and how often the tenant is to pay. Rent is paid as decided by the landlord and tenant on their contract till one gives a written notice to end it. The amount of rent can change with time depending on factors like an increase in utility costs per property taxes. The increase differs based on the type of lease signed.


As long as one follows the local state laws, compiling information to include in the lease should be a straightforward process.