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Terms of Use – Askaan UAE 

By accessing and utilizing this Website you agree to the fact that you are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. You are required to read the terms quite keenly before signing this website for your concerns. If you don’t abide by or agree to all the terms being mentioned on the website, then you must not use this website.

You must possess at least the required minimum legal age to initiate a binding contract as per the jurisdiction in which you agree to utilize the website in agreement with clause 3.1. Many jurisdictions mention that such age is 18 years. If you are someone who is using the website below the minimum legal age to undergo a binding contract in the jurisdiction in which you inhabit, then you must only utilize the website as per clause 3.1. This must be used in conjunction and under the keen supervision of your parents or the required guardian who has given consent to abide by the agreement. You must also not register or have access to the website if you are under the age of 13 years.

  1. Definitions Details

Below mentioned are some important terms of use

  1. The agreement here means the required terms use, the Privacy Policy of Askaan, and various other sorts of terms that are being incorporated by any reference into the already mentioned terms of use. In each individual case, it can be amended from time to time in conformity with clause 9.
  2. Content here refers to the information being present on the website and any other piece of content and details that are being accessible by you present on the website. However, it excludes any content or information that is accessible to you via Third Party Website.
  3. The Non-Excludable Terms and Conditions are being defined in clause 11.
  4. The contributions here refers to the piece of information that involves data, still images, video, text, audio, or any other material that Askaan has prohibited you to share, publish, host, upload, store, post on the website under the name of content as being permitted under this legal agreement.
  5. Third-Party Website refers to the website that is being controlled by an individual other than Askaan and which is also being associated with the Website.
  6. Website refers to the Askaan website that is being accessed via the URL
  7. Askaan means Webtech FZE License # 5328
  8. License Details

Askaan grants its users a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to have access to the website and also get subject on the basis of terms of the Agreement when it comes to retrieving, displaying, and viewing content and making contributions.

  1. Permitted Use Details
    1. . You May Have to Abide by the Following
  1. Accessing the website to retrieve, display and review the content
  2. Making any contributions
  3. Parts of the contents that are electronically saved
  4. Printing out the individual copies of the parts of the content

Premium Postings Details

3.2. There is also some premium material under some particular services (“Paid Material”) for which the company might charge some fees. The premium material will be published in a specific section on the website. Every party publishing the premium material for a service is liable to follow these terms and conditions. Any fees paid for the premium material on this website are non-refundable if the material from any services is removed for violating the said terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions relating to premium materials will be published under the application section(s) on the website.

  1. Prohibited Use Details

4.1. At any time, you must not

(A) Communicate, adopt, and publish any information or the required content is accessible on the website

(B) Making any sort of copies of parts of the content or all the content other than when required for a reasonable purpose such as non-commercial and personal use

(C) Making contributions that involve advertising material or commercial aspects for example logos in reviews, discussions, promotional links usernames, profile photos, etc, usernames, etc

(D) Modifying or altering any part of the website other than if required reasonably utilizing the website for the purpose it intends

(E) Reverse Engineering, translating, adapting, decompiling, disassembling any part or whole of the website

(F) Introducing or permitting the introduction of a worm, any sort of virus, Trojan, or any other sort of malicious items or code that has destructive nature on or within the website, or in any manner is being corrupt whatsoever disrupting or degrading the website.

(G) You must remove any trademark, electronics right information management, copyright or any other rights of proprietary notices that are being present in or on the website

(H) To retrieve or index some part of the website, you can always use different devices, robots, spiders, offline readers, and site searches as well.

(I) collect information of members/users like their email addresses or usernames for anything except for the purpose of the website.

(J) anything that is a part of a website or web page, needs to be reformatted or reframed.

(K) you cannot create any user account by using fraudulent, false, and wrong methods.

(L) You can’t create any type of restricted electronic communications like “spams” with others or you can’t restrict and interrupt others’ enjoyment on the website.

(M) It is strictly prohibited to crack passwords, violation of anyone’s computer security, crack security encryption codes and transfer illegal material or material that can be threatening.

(N) Any action that can inflict Askaan’s discretion or anything that can put a discrete and unbearable load on its IT infrastructure.

(O) You can not use the website to violate any national, local, or international law no matter if you are using it nationally or internationally.

(P) You cannot store the personal data of other users for prohibited uses.

4.2 Not withholding clause 4.1, Askaan will permit public search engines to use search/retrieval applications and spiders to copy materials from the Website for the motive of creating publicly available search indexes of the materials but will not copy archives from the website.

Posting Details By Third-Party Agents

4.3. The company did not allow any use of posting agents directly or indirectly without any written permission from the company. Moreover, posting agents are not allowed to publish any material directly or indirectly on the website in place of others. However, they can publish material on the website in place of others if the license or written permission is given to them from the company.

5. Details of Contributions

5.1 Askaan can allow you to make contributions. Your contributions will be only for personal, non-commercial purposes. You carry all responsibility and accept all the burden for your Contributions. Askaan will disclaim any and all liability of connections with Contributions. Askaan takes no responsibility for monitoring the Contributions. Askaan doesn’t endorse the information of Contributions including all the opinions and recommendations as well. Askaan has no obligation to treat your Contributions as confidential or secretive information.

5.2 Askaan can remove, alter, disable all of your Contributions at any time without any notice and without your liability. Askaan can limit or disable your access to your contributions if those contributions consider that:

(A) If these contributions are in contravention of any law or regulation;

(B) If these are involved in the infringement of the third party’s property rights;

(C) It can be done by a relevant authority to take down the final notice;

(D) if they are involved with the advertisement or commercialization of any product or service;

(E) If contributions are;

(a) Ambiguous or misleading;

(b) If they have inappropriate regard to the website;

(c) Offence causing;

(e) Incorrect material;

(f) Salacious or indecent;

(g) Defaming;

(h) Unethical/Unlawful; or

(i) if it has been corrupted due to the presence of a disabling code.

5.3 You must retain the owing rights of your Contributions. Askaan is under no pressure or obligation to treat your Contributions as exclusive information. If any Contributions are proprietary in nature, you give Askaan a global, non-exclusive, without royalty, everlasting, transferable and irrevocable license of use, reproduce, amend, adapt, translate, distribute, create derivative work from and perform your Contributions at global level publicly, in any media we want, whether if it is in existence right now or not. You give each user of the Website permission and non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, amend, translate, prepare derivation of works, display and perform your Contributions as the permission is given by Askaan.

5.4 You give Askaan the permission to use your registered name with the Contribution, the right to warrant that:

(A) You can control and own the rights of Contributions; or

(B) Including all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions, you have the lawful right to authorize Askaan to display Contributions as consent.

5.5 You can retain moral rights for any contributions, you have to declare that:

(A) You have no objection against the use, amendments, publications, cancellation of the Contribution by Askaan;

(B) You can not object to the publication, modification, and use of the Contribution;

(C) You have to release Askaan from all the claims that you can put on.

(D) Personal identifying information, derivative work, upgrade, or updates used in connection with the Contribution shouldn’t be required by you.

5.6 You have to understand that, you might be exposed to other user Contributions when accessing the Website. You have to agree and acknowledge Askaan has no control of and is not responsible for other user Contributions. You have to uptake all the claims that you can put on Askaan about the connections of the Contributions of other users.

5.7. Strict Spam Policy By Askaan

You know from these terms and conditions that sending any sort of email advertisements, newsletter, and any unwanted messages on the company email addresses or via the company computer system is not allowed. You have to agree and acknowledge the terms that the company might track your email usage through automated software or human monitoring and restrict some words that are scams or junk in emails that one user sent to another through the company’s email system. You can use the company’s commutation system and website to communicate with other users in compliance with these terms and conditions.

 Any unofficial use of a company’s computer system is a clear abuse of these terms and some applicable laws of UAE cybercrimes regulations. Any such abuse may land the sender to face criminal and civil penalties. Also, remember UAE Cybercrimes legislation includes imprisonment among many other penalties. If you request or try to contact any of our users by getting their contact number or email addresses from our website, then we may inform the appropriate officials, who may file the case under applicable UAE Laws

6. Local Expert Program of Askaan

For the recognition of the Contributions on the website, you will be awarded points on the website which will improve the ranking of members which are known as (“Local Expert Points”).

(A) Points cannot be converted into cash and points are just taken as a measure by Askaan.

(B) Depending upon the points, Askaan can organize different competitions.

(C) Points will be awarded to only deserving Contributors.

(D) Points allocation can be changed by Askaan.

(E) we can reverse you have been awarded via a breach of the agreement or for the contributions deemed by Askaan to be ineligible.

(F) If you engage in any activity that impacts the allocation of any points of the members will result in the removal of your points.

(G) The allotment of points may be subjected to taxes, charges or any other liabilities. You have to accept the responsibility for these liabilities.

(H) You do not have permission to combine points.

(I) These points cannot be purchased.

     7.  Rights of Intellectual Property

You have to agree and acknowledge that all copyright and intellectual property rights in the Content (except the Contributions you made) are licensed and owned by Askaan and that you have no right or title in this agreement or in the content except for the rights granted in the clauses 2 and 3 and retained pursuant to clause 5.

      8. User Warranty Details

You warrant and represent that:

(A) Content is allowed to be used as per mentioned in clause 3;

(B) The information provided by you should be accurate in all respects;

(C) If any information changes, you have to notify Askaan as soon as possible in a writing like (;

(D) your use of the Website will act in accordance at all times with this Agreement and any directions that are published from time to time on the Website by Askaan;

(E) You have to keep information that gives you access to the website completely confidential like your email, username, and password;

(F) You have to accept the liability for any unauthorized use of username and password issued except for unauthorized use from negligence by Askaan.

(G) Including all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions, you have the lawful right to use and authorize Askaan to display your Contributions as Content;

(H) you will never make Contributions that can:

(a) breaks the intellectual property rights of a third party, and you have agreed to pay all royalties, fees or any other payable things for Contributions made by you;

(b) are misleading or elusive.

(iii) are materially incorrect;

(iv) are offense-causing.

(v) involved in the direct or indirect advertisement of any product or service.

(vi) are indecent, includes pornography, hate, and contains offensive material for various ethnicities;

(vii) are calumnious;

(viii) are unlawful or encouraging unlawful practices; or

(ix) are inappropriate towards the website of Askaan.

Details Of Categories of Properties For Rent and Sale

8.1. If you are registering any of your property on this website, your responsibilities are as follows:

Property Agents Details

8.1.1. You have to show that you own a valid license from RERA or Real Estate Regulatory Authority or something similar for the Emirate as you are marketing there.

8.1.2. If your project is in development then you have to show a document that shows this project is registered with Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

8.1.3. If you are offering subleasing activities then you must show a “Leasing and Management of Other People’s Property” license for such kind of activity from DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development) and as well as from RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority).

8.1.4. If you are offering holiday home leasing or short-term leasing then you must show a license of such activity from DTCM (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing)

8.1.5. According to the RERA rules, you must have the approval of advertisement for every sale and leasing of property (located within or outside of Dubai) and also mention Office Registration Number, Broker Registration Number and RERA Permit Number on every advertisement.

Project Builders Details

8.1.6. Every builder must have a valid license from RERA or something similar for the Emirate as you are marketing there.

8.1.7. If your project is in development then you have to show a document that shows this project is registered with Real Estate Regulatory Authority. You also need to have a RERA-approved Escrow Account for every project that you developed.

8.1.8. According to the RERA rules, you must have the approval of advertisement for every sale and leasing of property (located within or outside of Dubai) and also mention Office Registration Number, Broker Registration Number, and RERA Permit Number on every advertisement.

Property Owner Details

8.1.9. You have to show the documents that confirm you are the owner or the landlord of the property otherwise you must have the valid authority to register the property on the website.

8.1.10. If you are offering holiday home leasing or short-term leasing then you must show a license of such activity from DTCM (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing)

Property Renters Details

8.1.11. You show that you have written permission from the owner before an advertisement on the website and you have the authority to post the advertisement

Askaan’s Terms for All Advertisers

8.1.12. You only have to advertise properties that are only available for lease or sale. The website has the right to remove any advertisement (advertisement fees will also not be refunded).

8.1.13. Advertisers also publish ads that restrain any abusive language or use of the following:

  1. Deceptive, defamatory or any misleading statement
  2. Publishing any property that surpasses the occupancy limits
  3. any context that advertises illegal and immoral activities that is restricted within the UAE law.

8.1.14. If you want to publish any property on the website then your responsibilities are:

  1. All advertisements on the website must contain real properties that are available for rent or sale. Askaan is a real estate portal not a real estate brokerage and all the properties listed on the website are from third-party owners, landlords, developers, and brokers.
  2. The website does not confirm the authenticity of all the properties listed on the platform as all the details are provided by the third-party owners, landlords, developers, and brokers.
  3. Users must verify the property on their own and does not only rely on the advertisement published on the website
  4. Askaan does verify the RERA license before allowing third-party owners, landlords, developers, and brokers to publish advertisements on the website.


9. Details of Changes to the Agreement

9.1 Askaan can change the terms and conditions of this Agreement as follows:

(A) if Askaan thinks that the change is likely to benefit you or have a neutral or minor harmful impact on you, it might make any change as soon as possible without informing you, except by publishing the terms and conditions of the Agreement as modified on the Website; or

(B) If Askaan notices that the change will have a significant harmful impact on you, it will make the change happen 30 days after you have been notified about the change by displaying a notice on the homepage of the Website.

9.2 If you do not accept the changes made by Askaan to the terms of this agreement then your only option (except as set out elsewhere in this Agreement) is to immediately:

(A) Stop accessing the Website; and

(B) End and finish your registration by notifying Askaan in writing. Email for further information.

      10. Details About Third-Party Websites

You acknowledge that you might be able to access Third-Party Websites from this Website. You have to agree with Askaan that:

(A) Askaan will make no representations, and will have no liability, to you emerging in connection with any kind of Third-Party Website use or any information or other content accessible to you; and

(B) Your access and use of any Third-Party Website, information, and other content available on it might be controlled by the terms of the operator of the Third-Party Website.

      11. Hyperlinks Details

11.1 You have permission to the limited, non-exclusive right to create a text hyperlink to the Website for non-advertisement purposes, provided the link should not:

(A) Represent Askaan or any of its products/services in a wrong, misguiding, or defamatory manner; and

(B) Link to a site must not contain any adult/illegal material, offensive material, harassing material, objectionable/immoral like pornographic, hateful, ethnically, or racially offensive material.

11.2 This limited right can be abrogated at any time.

11.3 Without the express written permission of Askaan, you cannot use Askaan’s logo and other graphics of Askaan to link the Site.

connection with the Website’s software is further subject to United Arab Emirate’s export controls. No Software should be downloaded from the Website, in violation of U.A.E export laws no software must be exported or re-exported. If you are downloading the software then you have to do it at your own risk.

      12. Implied Warranties Exclusion

12.1 Other than these expressed herein, Askaan makes no other agreements. And all of the Implied Warranties (implied warranties of merchantability including without limitation) details are disclaimed.

12.2 There is nothing in this Agreement that excludes or limits the application of any statute.

(A) Infringe that law; or

(b) If it causes any part of this Agreement to be nullified.

      13. Details of Indemnity

You have to agree to indemnify and hold Askaan, its subdivisions, and affiliates (agents, officers, partners, and employees) against any and all loss, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ reasonable fees arising out of, Contributions of the Content and not in line with these terms.

       14. No Functionality or Availability Guarantee

Askaan has not made any representations about the availability of functionality and warrantee of the website. Askaan excludes all the liability whether in contract or not, to the maximum extent permittable; or otherwise:

(A)  Any functionality or failure arising from the website.

(B) Arise of any connection from the third-party website.

(C) Any circumstance arising beyond the control of Askaan.

       15. Limitation of Liability

15.1 Askaan will never be liable to you or any third-party any direct, exemplary, consequential, special, incidental or any harsh damages including loss of revenue, profit, goodwill, costs, any damage to reputation, loss to contract, loss, and use of data, loss of any savings or benefits suffered in a way connected to the website.

15.2 Your personal information can be disclosed by Askaan, if doing so mitigate its liability.

      16. Termination Details

Askaan has the right to terminate your agreement if you:

(A) Violation of any part of any of clauses 4, 5, and 8. In accordance with the license in clause 2, If you use Content other than that.

(B) Violation of any other part of the Agreement and if you do not remedy the violation within 14 days of notice provided to you from Askaan.

      17. Governing Law; Disputes Details

17.1 This Agreement is ruled by the law of the United Arab Emirates and you are unconditionally and unrectifiable submit to the non-exclusive sovereignty of the courts of the United Arab Emirates.

17.2 You are completely responsible for your interactions with other users on the Website. Askaan reserves the right but has zero obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other users on the website.

      18. Controls of Export

Software connections available within the Website, the software is further subject to United Arab Emirate’s export controls. No Software should be downloaded from the Website, if you are doing it then you have to do it at your own risk.

       19. Details About the Assignment

You cannot assign any of your rights of this Agreement without the written consent of Askaan. Askaan will assign its rights in this Agreement.

       20. Entire Agreement Details

The Agreement Includes:

(A) Entire agreement between the parties constitutes, and

(B) In connection with that subject matter, supersedes all prior representations and agreements.

      21. Severability

Any term or a part of the term that is illegal or has severe issues will be removed from the agreement and the remaining terms or parts of the term will be continued in the agreement.

      22. Repudiation Waiver

Askaan does not waive power, a right, or sort out under this Agreement if it fails to delay or exercise in exercising a right, power, or solution. A waiver of a right, power, or remedy by Askaan should be in the form of writing and signed by Askaan.

 If you have any queries regarding anything or need further information, do contact us at


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