Moving into a new house within your city or in a new city can be stressful. Moving countries can bring even more anxiety to many even though there is also a sense of excitement about living in a new place. Thankfully, the stress can be managed with proper moving tips and checklist and also by hiring packers and movers who are experienced and well trained in their job. This will allow you to enjoy the move and look forward to your life in a new environment.

However, to keep your sanity, you need to start pre-planning your move with a master house moving checklist and then break it up in a month-by-month or even a week-by-week to-do list to get everything done smoothly. The three main steps involved are planning, purging and packing. We are going to discuss them in some detail here:

Amazing Moving Tips And Checklist To Make Your Relocation Easier

As mentioned above, planning, purging and packing are the three golden rules to efficiently pack and move. Read on to know more.

1. Tips for Planning

Nothing can be carried out well without a proper plan. Therefore, you need to start planning your move before you even get storage boxes for the move. Start planning as early as possible but make sure that you start planning at least 1 month before the moving date. Here are the main moving tips and tricks to consider:

  • Do you need to give a 1-month notice to the landlord of your current apartment?
  • Have you found a school for your children? When do you need to apply?
  • Will you be packing your stuff in boxes or would you prefer the Packers & Movers to pack it for you?
  • Which furniture pieces and electrical appliances do you want to take with you?
  • Where can you sell or donate the products you will leave behind?
  • Which utilities such as electricity, water, gas, cable, internet, phone, etc. do you need to cancel or forward to your new place?
  • Are there any refunds that you need to collect?
  • Do you have any newspaper or magazine subscriptions that you need to cancel or transfer?
  • Is there a need to hire a professional to clean the apartment when you vacate it?
  • When will you send the mail to your contacts regarding your change of address?
  • How many packing boxes would you need to pack?
  • When can you start packing the non-essentials?

This pre-planning stage is essential to ensure that the transition has minimal impact on your life and does not cost you more than it should if you miss canceling subscriptions and utility connections.

2. Decluttering Tips before Moving

When it comes to packing an apartment before a move, nothing can be more important than decluttering. If you do not declutter before you pack and move, there are chances that you will be carrying a lot of stuff to the new house that you essentially do not want. You will also be paying a lot more for the extra boxes and the clutter will only take more time to set up in your new space.

Clearing out stuff ahead of the move is a good way to save your money and ensure that you enter your new apartment with only the things you need; i.e. with no junk whatsoever. Here are a few tips to help you in purging stuff in your apartment:

  • Go into your living room and look at the furniture and showpieces you have. Which ones do you think will work in your new apartment?
  • If you have not planned the furniture arrangement in your new space yet, start thinking about which furniture items you no longer want in your living room.
  • Step into your kitchen and see which appliances you use frequently and which ones have been gathering dust for months or years? It is time to donate, gift or sell the items you no longer need.
  • Most people have a lot of unused and unappreciated clothes in their closets. Try to revamp your wardrobe and donate the clothing items you no longer like, fit in or desire.
  • Same goes for shoes and accessories. If you have not worn something in a year, there is no way you are going to wear it in the future since it is most likely out of fashion. Gift or donate them to someone who will appreciate them.
  • Shred or throw away unimportant paperwork. Also sell off old newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Your children may have grown up and are no longer playing with the toys that are filled in the cabinets in their rooms. This is the best time to donate the toys and books that your kids no longer use.

3. Packing Tips before Moving

These packing tips will help you get settled in your new apartment in a hassle-free manner.

Here are some apartment moving tips and checklist for packing 1 month before the move:

  • Get the boxes to start packing and create an apartment list file folder that will contain the details of the contents of each box.
  • Start putting in non-essential items such as out-of-season clothing, books, paintings, etc. in a box first. Do not overstuff the box since it can tear up and possibly damage your goods.
  • Pack items of family members in different boxes, if possible. This will help everyone find their own stuff easily whether they need it before the move or after.
  • Label and number the boxes on all sides with the room name where they will go. You can use coloured pens, labels, etc. to distinguish them from one another. If you wish, you can code the names with easy to remember acronyms.
  • Mention the contents in the box on the sides of the box too. You can have boxes of shoes, clothing, books, utensils, showpieces, paintings, etc.
  • Number the boxes for each room so that all the boxes containing stuff for the living room are placed there when you reach and have not been placed in the kitchen.
  • Create a list of overnight things that each one of the family members will need. Keep a bag or box for these to be packed on the last day.

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