This November Dubai Real Estate Market witness almost 7,000 sales transactions worth AED17.96 billion. It is the highest yearly sales figure since 2014. The Government of Dubai Publishing data publicly and research reveals the impact of Expo 2020 is a big factor for this Significant increase in Property sales. Research reveals that Dubai Property Prices rebounded after the pandemic disrupted the Global Economy.

Dubai Property off-plan market had transactions involving 3,219 properties worth Dh6.84bn during the month of November while Transactions in the ready market reached 3,781, with a value of Dh11.12bn. If one compares November to the previous months, off-plan value and volume increased by more than 50 percent and secondary volume increased by more than 17.4 percent, and value increased by 27.6 percent. Looking at overall transactions, total values increased by 36.9 percent, and volume increased by 30.8 percent.

2021 to date had the highest off-plan value since 2009 which was the peak for off-plan sales in Dubai. This data clearly shows that investors and consumers Confidence on Dubai’s future is strengthened by proactive government initiatives, attractive real estate projects, and the vision of the city.

It is learned that Government initiatives in terms of new visa programs and regulations to attract foreign investment, the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, and the successful rollout of the vaccines are the factors that contribute to this rise in Property sales.