Ajman is famous for the simplistic lifestyle and affordable properties that it offers. It is an excellent place for investors to invest in properties as the real estate market in Ajman is developing fast. Although it is one of the smallest out of all the emirates of UAE, its development rate is still growing more quickly than other emirates of UAE. Ajman's affordability is one of the reasons alongside its beauty that people like to stay here. Ajman is considered the best state for buying or renting property and for professional investors around the world. However, getting a property in Ajman for the first time is a pretty complex princess. Here is an agent's real estate guide if you are willing to buy property for the first time.
How to Find the Ideal Property?
Even if you want to invest in a property, you still need to see whether it suits your liking and taste. Prepare a list of the locations, browse through them, and select the best location where you want to buy a property. Then after deciding on a location, search for properties on sale there, and then with the help of your local estate engines, choose a property that best fits your budget and will profit you the most.
Few Things to Know When Buying a Property in Ajman:
If you are a foreign investor and want to invest in UAE properties, one good thing is that in Ajman, Foreigners have their freehold and lease for 50 years. Many projects offer freehold properties, including Corniche Tower, Al Naeemiya Towers, City Towers Ajman, Al Khor Towers, and Al Rashidiya Tower.
Ajman banks also offer foreigners a loan up to 75% with a maximum of 25 years term for both freehold and non-freehold properties. You would need a few documents for the approval of the loan that is Duly completed and signed application form, Khulasat al Khalid Copy (family book proving Emirati proof of nationality), Salary Certificate, Valid passport, Valid visa, UAE National ID, six months Bank statement, Audited financial statements (if self-employed), Copy of Trade License (if self-employed), Relevant property papers (not required for pre-approval)
However, if you want to rent a property, you need to pay to register a rental agreement that would cost approximately 4% of the annual rent as a fee from the party renting the property.
How to Proceed With the Offer?
After you decide on a property to purchase or rent, the next step is to offer. Here are some of the things that should consider before making an offer:
  • Check the condition of the property and see whether it needs any repairing or not.
  • Another clever trick that you can use is that before making an offer to get a bargain is to see the seller's position and how long his property has been on the market. If his property has been on the market for a longer time, then you might get a bargain and lower the price. 
What to Do After You Make an Offer?
If you have saved up enough beforehand to buy a property according to your taste or liking, then it is terrific! However, if you don't have that much money to buy property on your own, you can take a mortgage loan from the bank which suits you the best. Get in touch with the bank yourself or hire a mortgage broker to know more about the different mortgage plans.
After you finalize your deal, your solicitor will start the legal administrative work and transfer the property in your name. You have to agree with the sales term, and then after the exchange of contracts, your deal is done. The next step is to deposit the money and get your keys.
There are not a lot of estates that you can find in the UAE that will let you get a freehold of your property. But in Ajman, you can grab this opportunity. Ajman provides a hub for all the real estate investors globally as its real estate market is solid. Properties in Ajman are cheap but have excellent quality. That is why investors like to invest here. Although getting a property is quite hard, you can land successful ownership of a property in Ajman without a guide and proper planning.