Social media is quite the norm; from mundane tasks to real-estate businesses can be handled flawlessly through social media. About 33% of the Millennial population uses the internet for nearly 14 hours every day, so, if it comes to real-estate business, the first thing this generation X will inevitably do, is to look it up online on different social media platforms.
According to a survey, about 77% of real estate realtors work on social media, and about 79% of home buyers refer to online websites and resources. Even with limited resources, skilled real estate salespeople & laymen may use the power of social media to develop meaningful relationships and gain more clients. Let's take a ride with us & explore how each social media platform can be used effectively.

Getting the Maximum Benefits of Social Media for Real Estate Industry:

 To generate leads and enhance prospective sales, it's critical to publish the correct content on different social media platforms. Simultaneously, it's not just about what you share but also about where you share. In today's technologically advanced world, house sellers and agents must stay active on social media to maintain interest in freshly listed properties. Let's discover how the following platform can be used smartly;

Buying and Selling Property through Facebook:

A study shows Facebook users visit the local business pages once a week at the least. The top providers, brokers, and online realtors have made several local businesses pages on Facebook exclusively for this task. For buying property, you can consult corresponding real-estate pages, where property selling ads are regularly displayed. For selling property, you can create your page and post updates on it, like the visual of your property, i.e., photos or video walk-throughs, to attract the attention of your potential buyers. Create ads and a user-friendly interface to show you mean business.

Buying and Selling Property through Instagram:

Instagram is known for being youthful and stylish. Most eyeballs will be attracted to your Instagram content. Instagram users spend roughly 53 minutes each day on average on the website or app. With today's hectic lifestyles, this is a significant amount of time. It's highly visible and displays your listings. You'll be able to see exactly who likes your postings so you can reach out to potential leads and existing customers immediately. For an Instagram account to rock-make, a compelling bio, remember that hashtags are the new SEO, create a Content Calendar, and always upload the highest quality images and videos.

Buying and selling through Linkedin:

Linkedin is one of the ideal social media platforms for online realtors. It also offers an online group for realtors and real estate agents to network, share their insights, and create connections and referrals. Not only can you buy the property or even commercialize it but also meet potential buyers on this vast platform. You can reach your target audience through LinkedIn ads and through publicizing in the Linkedin group. As this platform is solely based on real estate work, this gives it an edge over other social media apps.

Buying and selling through Twitter:

A solid social media presence is pivotal for the online real estate business. Twitter is one of the essential social media apps to get up-to-date information regarding anything. The real estate business is no exception. Through Twitter marketing, you can access several realtors, brokers, and potential buyers. You need to follow real estate accounts with the most followers and most up-to-date information for buying property. For reference, some good real estate accounts on Twitter are National Associations of Realtors, BiggerPockets Etc.
Similarly, for selling property, you need to create your own real-estate Twitter account, take clear images of the property, provide up-to-date information on a property, welcome the interested clients, and join the online realtor community for accurate information.


Real-estate business can be handled flawlessly through online means if you know the ropes.  Now, you can do the painstaking task of handling property work with ease through these friendly social media platforms. Buying & selling of property increasingly rely on social media in this era. You must need to be aware with the changing trends of social media to avoid being left behind. Businesses now can contact potential markets even in the most remote regions of the globe, thanks to social media.