In the past few years, the Emirate of Ajman has transformed into a thriving modern and cosmopolitan society that attracts both tourists and investors. The Ajman government's aggressive and encouraging efforts to utilize its unique resources have enabled a strong community for economic and industrial growth. Due to the Emirate's advantageous location in the northern section of the United Arab Emirates, trading in Ajman gives various prospects for global investors. Ajman has improved its transportation and mobility assets, including highways, ports, and industrial plants, allowing trade and business to expand their reach and become an essential supplier to the local economy.

The Investment Climate in the United Arab Emirates

In terms of inbound FDI inflows, the United Arab Emirates ranks first in the Arab world. It demonstrates the UAE's significant competitive edge favoring regional and international investment location due to its strategic and distinctive geographical position. It lies at the crossroads of the world's continents, as well as a connection between East and West. The UAE seems to have a genuinely open economy, with favorable rules and regulations and legislation safeguarding intellectual property and enabling doing business easier.

Significance of Ajman

The Emirate of Ajman is among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE's general characteristics classify it; however, Ajman has strong value characteristics ideal for doing business, such as lesser operational expenses and encouragement of investment options. Other key features include:
  • Ajman is 261 square km in size and has a population of 373,500 people.
  • It features a subtropical, dry season and a 25-kilometer-long shoreline on the Arabian Gulf.
  • In terms of market renaissance, it is third among the seven emirates.
Ajman also mixes an old past that spans several years of its heritage with the present, when it strives for the most contemporary and developing kinds of development.

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman's economic viability has been further boosted by the formation of the Ajman Free Zone. It has slowly grown to become a significant contribution to the Emirate's economy. Through its highly competitive model, the Ajman Free Zone remains at the core of Ajman's advancement and plays a role in integrating the Emirate's corporate sector, attracting local, cultural, and international corporations seeking to pursue their businesses in a more viable manner.

Ajman's Top Promising Sectors:

Following are some of the sectors where investors can have an excellent chance to invest. It includes:

Ajman Department of Economic Development:

The Ajman Department of Economic Development fosters the Emirate's ecological sustainability at the local level by establishing an appealing economic landscape for enterprises looking to invest in Ajman and capitalize on the Emirate's growth possibilities. It contains all of the needed data and the most recent economic statistics and activities—Ajman Free Zone's collaboration with the agency on various business assistance programs.

Ajman Tourism:

The Ajman Development of tourism Department is a prominent institution that promotes the Emirate's unique characteristics as a tourist destination. It creates activities and tourism amenities that are open to any firm that wishes to engage and invest in Ajman, hence driving local and economic progress.

Chamber of Ajman:

The Ajman Chamber of Commerce provides an appropriate venue for Ajman's private market to interact and build contacts across numerous sectors, including financial, industrial, and agricultural industries. It creates understanding about trade and business growth and serves as a portal for foreign enterprises looking to invest in Ajman.

Advantages of Investing in Ajman

  • Ajman's advantageous placement in the center of the seven emirates.
  • Reduced fixed and operating expenses.
  • Promising investment prospects are available.
  • A solid infrastructure.
  • Multiple business facilities are available
  • Ease of conducting business.


The government agencies are the initial point of call for most international investors in the UAE. Dubai FDI assists international enterprises in establishing themselves in the city. Remember that investing in the Emirates may vary from what you are accustomed to. Set realistic standards and goals for yourself. Do your homework and research the market.