Sharjah's economy is considered to be one of the most diversified economies in the MENA region. The city is regarded as an industrial hub, an education hotspot, and a cultural capital of the United Arab emirates. Sharjah is located in between East Asia & Europe with a convenient entrance to the important ports. The facility of international airports is on both the Indian & Arabian Gulf oceans. Sharjah made massive progress in arts and culture. A holistic &  balanced approach is required for economic & social development by creating the human-centric experience and developing physical infrastructure and assets. In a pandemic-free era, Sharjah is now becoming a preferred investment destination that offers competitive benefits to international & regional investors.

Why to invest in Sharjah (UAE):

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The foreign investors will take advantage of Sharjah's tremendous potential, from its open-door policy to its special investment zones and favorable regulatory environment. The economic resilience is increased by the more than 55,000 small and medium enterprises, which are already taking advantage of the UAE supply chain.
Foreign investors can get the benefit in Sharjah from an attractive and uninterrupted national investment environment. In the world bank business indexing 2017, the United Arab Emirates is ranked at 26 out of 190 countries. The global competitiveness report of 2016 to 17 UAE ranked 11 out of 138 countries in the world economic forum's global competitiveness report.

Tax-Friendly Free Zones:

There are more than 137 companies in which the investors are from the 157 nationalities, which are currently situated at Sharjah's free zones at the airports and seaports. Free zones attract the foreign investors because the global investor is willing to invest in such tax-friendly areas. You get an advantage of investing money at Sharjah such as:
  • 100 percent of ownership.
  • No local sponsors of profits.
  • 100% repatriation of capital & profits.
  • Twenty-five years lease option.
  • 100% of exemption from the export & import duties.
  • Exposure from Events:
Sharjah hosts many internationally known Expos & events throughout the year.  Because of the hospitality and MICE infrastructure in place, the UAE is securing the exclusive niche at the region's event calendar. It includes the events of Sharjah's light flight, international automobile show, Sharjah biennial, international education show, world music day, heritage days, etc.
Booming Industries in Sharjah:
If you have make your mind to invest your hard earned money, then you will see that there are many different opportunities of investing money in your . Have a look at the below booming sectors in which you can invest and get a high return on investment.


The tourism & travel industry is one of the best sectors of Sharjah UAE in which you can invest. It is estimated that this sector will contribute about $28.5 billion to the United Arab Emirates economy in the coming next 10 years. The Dubai Expo is all set to attract about 25 million visitors from all over the world. You can consider this opportunity to double your investment by taking part in Expo. A key factor of this sector is that UAE is the second-highest density of shopping malls after New York.

Healthcare Sector:

The aesthetics market plays a very important part in UAE's healthcare sector, as this industry has a high ratio of plastic surgeons per capita compared to the other countries of the world. So, the healthcare industry is also a good option for investing money. According to the experts, this sector will grow 60% by 2020 and 2021 to $28 million.
In the post-covid-19 world, UAE has an opportunity for its construction sector to revise the way it operates. During the sterilization campaign, the construction industry of UAE was the one, which was still working. The market covers almost all the growing construction projects in different residential, infrastructure, and commercial construction sectors. As compared to the other developed countries, Sharjah has a low construction cost. And that is the major reason for the construction industry to boon in 2021.