The interest of the masses is found more and more in rental properties. They look for the properties for investment and rent them to others to generate great revenue. The prevalence of COVID led to the decline in the business of rental properties. However, the success of the vaccination program leads to positivity in UAE rental properties. People in UAE want to relish trendy lifestyles. Hence, they prefer to invest in properties at the beach and sea. They buy the apartments over there to attract more masses. It is beneficial to invest in popular areas.

UAE Rental Property Trends

Townhouses and Villas

Simon Baker explained the rental property trends in UAE. Haus & Haus’s managing director explained the big trend of rental trends. The townhouses and villas in Dubai have bounded the attraction of investors. In the last six months, the rental rates of these areas were rebounded. The inflation got the hype of 30 percent from the last prices. Kika Pavese revealed that Abu Dhabi is following the same trend in 2021. The major challenge that Abu Dhabi is facing right now is that villas supply is currently quite low over there. Sellers at Yas Island and Saadiyat Island is getting valuable benefit for setting prices. However, in Al Reem Island, there is the creation of a majestic buyer’s market due to the oversupply of units. In this area, the buyers get the splendid advantage and get the flexibility of fabulous price negotiation.

UAE Residential Market

In January 2021, UAE experienced the highest market sales as compared to the last five years. However, for the next five months, the graph of sales transactions progressed and broke the records. According to rental property experts, the trend does not seem to slow down. In June, the real estate leads to a sales transaction of about 6341. It was quite beneficial for the economy and worth about Dhs14.76bn. The second half of 2021 would hopefully experience sustainability and positive momentum for Dubai’s property sector.

Off-Plan Property Development

UAE investors seem to be highly interested in flipping their properties. The construction of enormous rental projects is still underway. According to the records, the off-plan property investment was found to be much popular than the traditional property. There exist certain beneficial and notably popular areas in Dubai for off-plan investment. These include the Dubai Land, Tilal Al Ghaf, and Dubai South. The prime location of these areas demands ravishing and splendid off-plan developments. The Investors invested in the rental properties of Madinat Jumeirah Living for about 40% till now.

UAE Commercial Market

The pandemic affected the renting of commercial real estate. Enormous businesses decided of scaling their offices down. On the flip side, various other businesses explore for the properties having huge space. It helped them to maintain the social distancing among employees. They lead to the betterment in their working. The commercial rentals enhanced more due to inflation. But is it is worth investing in commercial markets in 2021? Investors look for the UAE commercial market to form the warehouse, business set-up, business chain, or for rental purposes. The prime locations or supermarkets are much in trend for it. The brands approach and get the benefit of it.

Short-Term Property Rentals

The short term-property rentals were affected drastically in the past year due to Coronavirus. But now, the trend for short-term property rentals is rising again. The experts anticipate that travelers would have the pent-up demand for the properties. The short-term rental markets are flourishing and reviving again. Hence, the trend of various investors is shifted to groom it for getting benefit out of it. International investors find UAE to be the most promising place for investing their money. They look for housing schemes and rental properties to boost up their business. The future of rental property in the UAE is fabulously strong. It is a valuable part of the global economic climate and hence attracts investors to the optimum.