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€1 million investment + costs


Fund Investment


Full family


Flexible. 1 Day minimum stay.


Superb Education Choice

About Ireland

Ireland has a highly-developed educational system, as well as benefits in terms of language and a good standard of living. It has a growing economy and a welcoming culture, making it an appealing location for businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to migrate and expand in Europe.
It also boasts a transparent, common-law-based legal system, and its EU membership ensures that Irish businesses enjoy unrestricted access to EU markets. Ireland is a fantastic place to invest, do business, work, and live, and it continues to be one of the world's friendliest countries for international trade and foreign direct investment.

Irish Citizenship by Investment

The Irish Residency Program is a great option for high-net-worth individuals and their families who want to live in Ireland permanently. The program offers a wide range of investment possibilities, ranging from €500,000 to €2,000,000, and grants a resident visa for up to 5 years with the option of renewal. The first authorization is granted for two years, with a three-year renewal period. The Ireland Immigrant Investor Program is ostensibly a residency program, but if the necessary conditions are met after 5 years, you can apply for Irish permanent residence or citizenship.
Ireland offers golden visas to foreign nationals who commit to an approved investment in Ireland minimum of €1,000,000 (USD 1.15 million) through the Immigrant Investor scheme.


Investment Programs

The Irish Government launched the residency by investment Program in 2012 to encourage productive investment in Ireland and to provide residency in Ireland, along with the benefits that come with it, to innovative business leaders with a track record of success. The ultimate goal of this program is to create jobs and facilitate future economic development in Ireland.
All applicants for the Irish Immigrant Investor Program must demonstrate that they have a legally acquired minimum net worth of €2 million.
  • Endowment (donation to philanthropic) –  €500,000. Invest in a community project that supports the arts, sports, health, culture, or education. It should be considered a non-refundable philanthropic contribution, with no financial reward for investors.
  • Enterprise investment: €1,000,000 invested in an Irish Enterprise for 3 years The business might be a start-up or an established company, but it must be registered and located in Ireland, and the investment must help to create or maintain jobs. A three-year minimum investment period is required.
  • Investment Funds: €1,000,000 invested in an approved fund. Each and every penny must be invested in Ireland. A three-year minimum investment period is required.

Validity of Residence

To keep your immigration permission, you are not required to live in Ireland. The sole stipulation is that you travel to Ireland at least once a year. For Irish citizenship, one must be physically present in Ireland for the preceding 12 months and for four of the next eight years, i.e. five years.


Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Any Irish REIT registered on the Irish Stock Exchange requires a minimum investment of €2 million. The €2 million investment might be split across several Irish REITs.
The entire investment must be held for a period of three years.
  • After three years, 50% of the shares can be sold.
  • A further 25% can be withdrawn after four years.
  • There are no restrictions to keep investments after 5 years.
Mixed Investment: A mixed investment consists of a €450,000 investment in residential property and a €500,000 direct investment in an immigrant investor bond, for a total investment of €950,000. The amount of money invested in the bond would no longer be determined by the value of the property bought.

Updates & New Rules

As a part of new regulations, investments funded debt or loans will be rejected.

Contact Advisor

Should you have any questions, or if you would like a detailed breakdown of the exact costs for your family, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to help you.


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